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Digital Transformation with Open Source

In today’s digital age, as organizations seek to endeavour a digital transformation journey, they face major challenges as well, especially in minimizing costs and increasing revenue. Without having t

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Enabling enterprise digital transformation with open source

In today’s digital age, as organizations seek to endeavour a digital transformation journey, they face major challenges as well, especially in minimizing costs and increasing revenue. Without having the right enterprise technologies in place, businesses can miss the mark even with the best-planned software strategy. This is where the open source technology is implemented by a majority of enterprises these days as they are increasingly shifting their focus on bolstering digital foundation and strategies in order to ensure business resiliency and enhanced customer engagement.

Open source here is delivering the robust foundation of the modern IT landscape. This has the potential to even address companies’ business strategies to drive innovation. This technology has been around for quite some time now and gaining rapid momentum in the modern day of the digital transformation journey. Earlier, in software development, code was shared among developers to learn from each other and drive the innovation in the sector.

With the commercialization of the industry started and become competitive, developers began to advocate the idea of free software. In general, open source allows a company to develop an ecosystem that can foster faster innovation and enables them to scale up, adapt and add new features as per the changing trends and customer demands.


Open Source is Driving Digital Transformation 

There is no clandestine that open source technology these days has become a key component of financial performance for an organization. As a large number of enterprises are executing or assessing their digital transformation programs, driven mostly by agility and a need to better serve developers, effective IT infrastructure can gauge more agility with fewer people.

Implementing digital transformation typically involves the realization of SaaS-based SMAC platforms; modernization of legacy platforms and systems; interpretation of IT application landscape, and standardization of infrastructure. This also encompasses the development of analytics capabilities, conveyance of consumerization of IT, and adoption of agile and learn fast methodology.

In order to support their digital transformation, enterprises significantly leverage new tools and modernize their infrastructure. Open source simply sheds light on the emerging technologies transforming the business landscape. For some businesses the deployment of open source technology is not just about cost but also about getting the best product. 

SBI, an Indian multinational, public sector banking and financial services provider, for instance, has implemented open source technologies across various applications including front end, middle layer, database layer, OS layer, and the entire SDLC (Systems Development Lifecycle) management. The bank, for the front end, uses python, Java, Angular JS, Core JS, while for the database layer, it has applied MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

With rapidly changing times, open source technology has the potential to deliver state-of-the-art risk mitigation and rapid innovation. Previously, open source software was the developers’ area of interest and begun to go mainstream by the mid-2000s. This significantly provided a cost-effective way to drive innovation. Moreover, leveraging open source, developer teams within organizations can quickly model innovative ideas, experiment with novel technologies, and build on these trends.

Carol Kamuchira

Digital Marketing Rep

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