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The cheapest way to recharge from South Africa to Zimbabwe Number

Welcome to Simplex Solutions.


We’ve made it very simple for you to buy Zim Instant Prepaid Services such as mobile Airtime & Data for NetOne, Telecel, Econet & Africom.

DStv Zim Subscriptions are available in South Africa to support your families and friends back home in Zimbabwe.

Zim Airtime ✅ Data Bundles ✅ Zesa Tokens✅ Simple Voucher✅

Airtime for All Zimbabwean Networks

Zim Airtime in South Africa

Zimbabwe or Zim Airtime and Data Bundles Direct recharge to a Phone within minutes.


ZESA Electricity Tokens


You can now buy ZESA tokens from here in South Africa and recharge your prepaid meter in Zimbabwe



Simplex Solutions deliver services based on Open-Source software to Small and medium-sized (SME) customers.

We help you to integrate and manage your business processes in a cost-effective manner without being bound down to Expensive licenses software.

Allow Simplex Solutions to choose, implement and support the best Open Source Solutions for your business and enjoy the freedom.

Open Source ERP accounting services 

 Linux Systems Support 

 Web Solutions 

 Email Solutions

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Our Clients use Open Source ERP Solutions


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