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Topup / Fund your Simplex Wallet

Topup or Funding your account means adding money to it. This money can come from your bank account or credit card, or someone else's account. When you fund your account, you can use the money to buy our prepaid services on offer.

OTT Voucher Topup

OTT Voucher is a way to add money to your account without using a credit card or bank account.

You can buy OTT Voucher from any participating outlets across South Africa.

All you need is the Voucher payment pin on your till slip to add funds to your account, your account will then be credited with the money on the voucher, and you can use it to make purchases or pay bills on Simplex Solutions Selfservice platform.

Simplex Solutions is also an official OTT reseller on our platform so you are welcome to buy the OTT Vouchers and use them with other consumers who accept them as a payment ie Betway, Hollywood bets and more

Ott Voucher TillSlip

OTT Voucher Topup

Top up Wallet with Instant EFT or Credit/Debit Card

When you are logged into the SelfService platform, please go to the Topup Wallet. You will be presented with a list of topup options that you can use, Simply select one of the options which are Bank Card option or Instant EFT that you would like to use.

Click on the topup my Wallet button
Set the amount to topup the payment
Select Via Card Top-up (instant) option.
Click on Add Money button
Enter your card billing details
Click on the Submit button.
Enter your card details as requested
Click on the Add Funds button.
Provide 3DS OTP code if/when prompted

Topup my Wallet Credit

Top up Wallet with Instant EFT or Credit/Debit Card