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NetOne airtime, Data Bundles One-Fi, One-Fusion

Do you want to buy Netone Data Bundles One-Fi, One-Fusion? Choose the NetOne bundle you want to buy, Enter the Zim number you want to recharge and click ‘Recharge Now” Don't close the Application until you get a confirm the transaction. You can check with your recipient if they get an SMS. An SMS with *133*xxxxxxxxxxx# is a Voucher PIN The pin voucher is displayed on the next page for you to recharge using *133# Free to ask your recipient to check the balances.

Buy Zim NetOne Airtime and Data via Simplex Solutions

You either buy on your own on our Self-Service plaform or contact us directly - NetOne Airtime And Data Bundle

You can send us a Voucher

A. In this case it may have been caused by different factors which are power outages, network issues/failure or maybe the number recharged was incorrect: We strong advise in this kind of issue is for the recipient to directly contact their Customer Care line and findout what the problem might be.

Econet Customer Care: 118 NetOne Customer Care: 123 Telecel Customer Care: 150

Unfortunately not once the transaction has been completed we are unable to do so and there will be no refund.

(a) Dial 133Enter PIN# (b) Dial *171#, select option (6) Airtime Recharge > Select option (1) Self > Enter Voucher PIN then Confirm