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Earn your client's trust with a personalised professional email address that matches your company name or organization.

Option 1:


Our Professional Email helps you stay on clients' minds with an email address that resembles your domain and serves your businesses with every message you send.

Professional Email comes with easy-to-use features like calendar, contacts, and tasks as well as a webmail portal you can customize. Plus, you can also use your favourite email client, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Professional Email works great on any device, including your mobile phone, and automatically syncs across all of your devices. That means your email is always up to date.

Onsite Hosted Mail Solutions for

  1. Complete Mail Server (Postfix) using 'Roundcube' (Webmail) on Linux System
  2. ZIMBRA Mail servers, (https://www.zimbra.com/)

Earn your clients' trust with a professional email address that matches your company name. Show clients, you mean business with official email addresses that speak volumes before you say a word. Create professional addresses - like yourname@, sales@, or support@ - that all route to your primary inbox.

Simplex Solutions has 2 eMail Solutions: (Option one and two)

Option 2:


Secure business email 

  1. Microsoft 365 EXCHANGE ONLINE This business-class email offering gives every Microsoft 365 subscriber in your organization a 50 GB mailbox, with the ability to access email through a web browser or using the Outlook app on Windows, a Mac, or mobile devices. Malware and spam filtering are built in, as are basic features like shared mailboxes and (for some Microsoft 365 subscriptions) advanced features like eDiscovery.

  1. Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite Swap @gmail.com with your own domain to create professional email addresses for everyone on your team, like yourname@example.com. With a custom email at your domain, you can help build customer trust and create group mailing lists, such as sales@yourcompany. Learn more: