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Digital Transformation

Simplex Solutions (Pty) Ltd approach toward digital transformation ensures that businesses can become self-sufficient digital entities, and expand their domain to newfound areas. Introduce your business to the digital revolution today!

Point Of Sale

If you sell a product or service online, our digital resources will ensure that you can automate every aspect of your eCommerce payments. Whether you are looking to build quick invoices, create instant bills, calculate taxes, or provide mobile payment options; you will find end-to-end solutions from our resources.

HR & Payroll

Manage every aspect of your employee resources such as salary and benefit calculation, creating leave calendars, approving leaves, expense calculation, etc. with a singular interface. Using our software allows you to cut down on HRM-related labour and ensure accuracy.


Smart inventory management means never missing out on a potential order, and also ensuring business expansion. With our resources, you can maintain digital records of all your inventories in multiple warehouses, create batches and serial number systems, and keep a tab on every item and its variants.

Accounting & Finance

Maintain updated and automated financial reports at all times with the help of digitized accounting CRM software. From billing and payments to accounting and report creation, we provide it with all.


CRM systems create the best-in-class lead management programs at the touch of a button. You can customize newsletters, manage contacts, build top-tier customer profiles, and review reports in a streamlined manner.


With Simplex Solutions, all-around digital marketing is within your grip. Whether managing marketing campaigns, creating custom promotional materials, targeting niche markets, or using highly engaging templates; our digital marketing solutions will ensure quick branding success.

ERP Consulting and Implementation

Simplex Solutions is an independent consultant Company. We focus on bringing you the power of digital technology transformation along with our expertise in accounting and business management, which gives you the advantage of the automated process for making better business decisions. We serve you in the entire life cycle of ERP implementation, adoption, training, and customization.

ERPNext is an Open Source platform supported by the ERPNext Foundation and a community of developers and functional experts. ERPNext aims to bring transformation to small and medium businesses by giving them the power of fully featured, modular, and integrated ERP covering all the aspects of running business functions like Accounting, CRM, Inventory, Buying and Selling, Point of sales, Manufacturing, Project Management, Website, E-commerce, Customer support, Customization and more.

Our Open Source ERP Services Includes

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  1.  ERP Setup, Hosting support, and Backup management
  2.  Business requirement mapping
  3.  Prototype configuration of business specification
  4.  Implementation & Configuration
  5.  Data Migration
  6.  Training
  7.  Customization
  8.  Post-implementation support