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The cheapest way to recharge directly to Zim Number, No Extra / hidden Charges.

Buy Ott Voucher Online

Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to add funds to your Simplex Wallet?

Look no further than purchasing an OTT VOUCHER and topping up your account at any participating merchant in South Africa.

With this method, you can easily enter your pre-redeemed voucher pin and have your wallet credited in no time.

Once your wallet has been successfully topped up, you can use the funds to pay for a variety of services on our platform, including bills, airtime, and more.


SOME OF participating merchants in South Africa.

Cephas Kamuchira April 16, 2024

@Cassovin Bailey

The system is working 100%. you can buy OTT on the platform under S.A Services at anytime.

Cassovin Bailey April 16, 2024

How do i buy a ott voucher its not working

Cephas Kamuchira March 22, 2023

Hi Nozipho,

Kindly note that I didn't quite get your enquiry.... but I just want to add more info regarding OTT Vouchers.

Builders hardware shops are one of the participating vendors to sell OTT VOUCHERS, you are welcome to go buy OTT Voucher and come redeem on Simplex Solutions Prepaid platform as a new way to fund / topup your wallet.

Nozipho Mhlanga March 15, 2023

Hi help me builders

Nozipho Mhlanga March 15, 2023


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