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Focus more on Open Source Solutions, support paperless route

At Simplex Solutions, we are driven to provide our customers with solutions tailored to their needs.

Employees at our company keep this at their core and use this every day to make their projects a great success.

We Are an (IT) Support Consulting Company

We want you to be happy working without interruption from IT problems.

We monitor the crucial signs of your IT systems so we can see potential threats or issues before they affect you.

We are proactive about routine maintenance with patches and updates.

We carefully manage any changes and we document as we go.

We always try our best and we will communicate with you as we progress.

Company History


Established and focusing more on Open Source Solutions. Encouraging businesses to operate via the paperless route.


“The responsibility and dedication you play in this company has given us great satisfaction, keep it up and we will all reach success.”


Systems Engineer

Caroline K

Marketing Coordinator

Calvin C

Multimedia Designer

Simplex Solutions Pty Ltd

"Simply the best"