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Buying Prepaid Water Token on Simplex Solutions platform is super easy.
Prepaid water meters are fast-evolving and necessary in South Africa, to help you monitor water usage in both commercial and residential areas.

Things to NOTE about Prepaid Water

important things our community need to know about prepaid water

Prepaid Water means that the customer buys water credit in the form of a prepaid water token. When entered into the User Interface Unit (found in the customer’s home), the token instructs the water control device to allow a certain amount of water through the meter before closing. Customers can track usage, load credit, and reduce a chance of recieving a shocking bill due to leakages etc.

Anyone in the city, as most municipalities are starting to adopt prepaid water management technology. It is best to ask your local municipality about prepaid water to clarify how you go about it.

Prepaid systems are cost-effective solutions, for curbing water usage.The systems are also able to distribute water equally, based on free water allocations, water balancing and fluctuating demand.

Collecting data from prepaid meters is also more efficient than the manual collection required for post-paid meters.

Prepaid water and post-paid water cost the same. It is unlawful to sell municipal water above the municipal tariff rate stated. Prepaid water allows consumers to monitor their consumption and respond immediately to possible leaks, hence saving money.