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The cheapest way to recharge directly to Zim Number, No Extra / hidden Charges.

Zim Prepaid Services - DStv payments

We’ve made it simple for you to pay for Prepaid Services such as Airtime, Electricity, and DStv to support your families back home in Zimbabwe.

How to pay for DStv subscriptions for your loved ones in Zimbabwe



You simply contact us via WhatsApp with the following:

  1. Proof of payment,
  2. Correct the Smart Card Number of your loved one.

As soon as we confirm your payment, we then complete the transaction while we are chatting with you on WhatsApp. We are always available and we are NOT robots that is why our Prepaid Services are so unique.

How do I make payments?

It all depends on what is easier for you.

You can EFT into our FNB Business Account:

Simplex Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Account Number: 62901834681

Branch: 250655

Please note, on all payments, a clear picture of proof of payment is required for us to transact.

E-wallet / Instant Eft please note the payment must first reflect and be confirmed.

Other payment options: 

OTT Voucher Vendors.

How do I know if the transaction is successful? 

We will send you proof or a receipt of the transaction and we will ask you to confirm with your loved one.

What if my loved one has not received the airtime? 

It does not happen on our network platform as long the phone number supplied is correct if there is a problem on our side we will notify you immediately as there may be network or downtime issues.

Can I reverse the Airtime? 

Unfortunately not once the transaction has been completed we are unable to do so and there will be no refund.

"WhatsApp" directly to us by clicking the green icon to your left bottom corner.


Prepaid Services offered


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