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Topup / Fund / Deposit Simplex Wallet to start Transacting

Visa/credit card / Instant EFT Ott voucher Simple voucher Standard Bank Instant Money voucher+PIN & Nedbank Cardless withdrawal voucher+PIN Scode payment

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Easy Topup / Fund / Deposit Into Simplex Wallet to start Transacting

Simplex Solutions (Pty) Ltd. provides a unique and swift process to send airtime and data bundles to Zimbabwe's three major networks. With just a few clicks and your recipient's mobile phone number, you can easily send bundles of airtime and data to your loved ones.  We guarantee a fast, reliable, and secure payment system, allowing you to top up from anywhere in the world.  Our products are designed to simplify life for customers, providing a reliable and efficient service to make their lives easier.

You just need to take a few easy steps and start supporting your family.

1. https://prepaid.simplexsolutions.co.za/

Follow the link above to register, log in using your name, email address and password and top-up your wallet to start transacting.

We have a few payments options available on the system

1. Visa/credit card / Instant EFT

2. Ott voucher

3. Simple voucher

4. Instant Money voucher+PIN & Nedbank Cardless withdrawal voucher+PIN

5. Scode payment

Credit /Visa card payment

Simplex Solutions does not capture or keep your card details on the system so every time you transact you have to put in your card details

OTT voucher

OTT voucher is a digital payment that allows you to make payments online, it's safe and convenient to use. You can use an ott voucher to top up your wallet on the simplex solutions self-service platform.


Simple voucher

Simple voucher is also another digital payment gateway that allows you to make a payment at Simplex Solutions self-service platform to top up your wallet

Instant Money voucher

Instant money vouchers like standard bank instant vouchers, and Nedbank Cardless Vouchers. You can redeem these money vouchers to top up your wallet at Simplex Solutions' self-service platform.

Scode Payment

Scode is a unique payment option that allows people to pay for their online purchases in-store. On your simplex solutions acc you can generate your Scode voucher and you can go and pay in listed stores Pay at Shoprite, Post Office, USave, Checkers, House & Home, OK Furniture, and your wallet will be automatically credited within minutes.

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Digital Marketing Rep

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