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Total Energies Card Facility system: howto topup

Diaspora fellas, you can now topup a TOTAL FUEL CARD via Simplex Solutions in support of your family and friends back home

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Here is how you go about it

Ask your friend or family member to go and apply for a TOTAL Fuel Card at TOTAL Card Center,

Ask them to send you the TOTAL FUEL Card number which should be on the back of the card

Use the card number when you topup funds  via Simplex Solutions Prepaid Services (https://prepaid.simplexsolutions.co.za/login)

The Transactions are done Instantly in REAL-TIME.

The Recipient in Zimbabwe can then go and refill the fuel tank in USD$ and pay off the TOTAL FUEL CARD



Total Energies Card Facility system: howto.

  1. The aim of this scheme is effective fuel management. 
  2. The minimum deposit is $ 100 per card and the card fee for every card is $10.
  3. Service Stations are over 90 stations nationwide that accept the card. You can get your card within 72 hours maximum after the application forms have been submitted. Note that card creation starts when the account has been created and the funds have been confirmed in our account.
  4. Card collection is done by the applicant (If is a B2C card) or a representative from your company.
  5. The cards can’t be sent via DHL or SWIFT for security reasons as this card is as good as your bank card.
  6. Be part of this exciting scheme, this is a complete fuel management system for individuals and companies. Management reports are also at your disposal.

The E-mail address for the card centre is

The TotalEnergies card application forms consist of:

• TotalEnergies card account opening form

• TotalEnergies card contract form

• TotalEnergies card order form

(SOURCE/REF:) https://zw.totalenergies.com/business/totalenergies-card/become-totalenergies-card-customer

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Cephas Kamuchira February 22, 2024

You can Top-up your Total Card via Simplex Solutions in South Africa anytime. Remember you can also check balances just like the bank card.

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